Biobanking and Avian Cryopreservation

Biobanking and Avian Cryopreservation


Roslin Technologies offer secure and flexible biobanking services for its clients. We process and store tissues, cells, blood or DNA at appropriate temperatures to prevent biodegradation. Sample storage periods are flexible depending on your project, from short term to long term. Roslin Technologies uses state-of-the art bar coding systems for sample storage and retrieval logistics. All systems are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Backup power supplies, alarms, monitors and emergency systems protect the integrity of your samples. Your samples are security monitored and in secure locked storage. Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) follow good manufacturing practices ensuring uniformity and traceability at all stages. Roslin Technologies offers biobanking at -150oC, -80oC, -20oC and 4oC archiving valuable samples.

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Avian Germline Cryopreservation

Unlike most mammalian species, biobanking of ova or early stage embryos was not possible for avian species meaning that the germline for a breed or line could only be preserved by maintaining live flocks. Pioneering research at the Roslin Institute has enabled the biobanking of complete germlines for chickens through isolation and cryopreservation of Primordial Germ Cells – PGCs

Roslin Technologies offers this as a commercial service to preserve for example endangered species or commercial lines.

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