Biobanking is the process of storing biological samples, such as tissue, blood or DNA at a sufficiently low temperature that biodegradation does not happen, even if the samples are kept for a number of years. Typically, this can be achieved with storage at a temperature of -150 oC or lower. The biobanking process is useful in a number of circumstances, such as:

  • In research, where samples need to be analysed together but are collected over an extended period of time
  • Storing valuable or difficult to collect samples for possible use in future research projects
  • To collate samples until large batches are available that can attract discounted costs for analysis
  • For long-term storage of valuable genetics, such as rare breeds or commercial breeding animals of high value
  • For long-term storage of complete germlines for valuable poultry lines or breeds, which historically was not possible, but now can be done following recent innovation at the Roslin Institute

Biobanking for all of these applications is available as a commercial service through Roslin Technologies.

More details on the Avian Germline Cryopreservation service can be found here

For all other biobanking applications please contact us to discuss your needs further.