Bioinformatics & Data Mining

Bioinformatics & Data Mining

With the capacity to generate large volumes of genomic and phenotypic data, having the ability to combine, distil effectively and generate data that can be interpreted in a meaningful way becomes critical. Bioinformatics and data mining expertise to help achieve is also available as a service through Roslin Technologies.

A large team of Bioinformaticians are available to help, that have a wealth of experience of working with large-scale data sets, and wide range of skills, including software development. Mature pipelines have also been established to help analyse of a range of dataset types.

The team have access to substantial computing resources that offer the ability to analyse highly complex and very large datasets As well as running their own powerful computer cluster with several hundred cores and 2 terabytes of RAM, they are able to make use of the substantial computing resources that are available through the University of Edinburgh, including the Universities HECTOR supercomputer, and a parallel compute cluster with over 4000 cores and 2 TB of RAM per node that is available through the Edinburgh Compute and Data Facility.

Below are some examples of the kind of input the team can offer: Assembly of genomes e.g.

  • de novo genome assembly
  • de novo transcriptome assembly
  • Metagenomics (WGS) analysis
  • Pathogen discovery and sequencing

Alignment of genomes e.g.

  • Genome resequencing
  • Genotyping by sequencing
  • Sequence capture and exome sequencing
  • Transcriptomics (RNA-Seq)
  • Epigenetic sequencing
  • Metabarcoding
  • Small RNA sequencing

Data mining
The Roslin Technologies team have a wealth of experience in managing data bases, modelling and extracting value through linking phenotypic, genomic and economic data. Access to this expertise is also available as a commercial service.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss a possible project, please contact us.