Genome Sequencing & Genotyping

Genome Sequencing & Genotyping

Rapid technological advances have reduced the cost of genotyping and genome sequencing over the last 20 years. Roslin Technologies now provide services in the design, implementation and interpretation of genotyping and estimation of genetic/genomic breeding values as well as genome and transcriptome sequencing and are specialists in both companion and production animal genetics. We work with customers interested in areas such as animal health and commercial production animal breeders.

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality genetic services for your project by working with both our partner companies as well as dedicated sequencing facilities through the University of Edinburgh’s Genome Sciences and Clinical Genomics facilities.

With a wealth of sequencing and genetic analysis expertise and a proven track of delivering high quality data, our highly skilled team of scientists and bioinformaticians, provides high volume data with cutting-edge analyses. Through a flexible approach to using the latest technologies, together with a sound applications knowledge, Roslin Technologies can manage a diverse range and size of projects, ranging from genotyping using low density arrays, through to high volume whole genome sequencing.

We will manage your project from concept to delivery. We offer a full bioinformatics service from data Quality Control through sequence data analysis, variant identification and interpretation to breeding program modelling.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss a possible project, please contact us.