Genome Sequencing & Genotyping

Genome Sequencing & Genotyping

Through rapid technological advances, the cost of genotyping and genome sequencing has dramatically reduced over the last 20 years. As a result, they can now be considered for use, not only for academic research, but also for routine use in human medicine, and routinely for research and implementation in both the companion and production animal industries. As the level of use has grown, so has knowledge of how to make best use of the tools available to deliver real cost-effective improvements in areas such as animal health and breeding. As more advances are made there is little doubt that the value captured from using genomic technologies will continue to grow.

Edinburgh Genomics is one of the largest sequencing facilities in Europe, and is the leading academic open access genomics and bioinformatics service provider in the UK. It forms a major element of the University of Edinburgh’s service provision and comprises two divisions, Genome Sciences and Clinical Genomics, each with dedicated sequencing facilities.

With a wealth of sequencing expertise and a proven track record over more than 15 years of delivering high quality data, Edinburgh Genomics’ highly skilled team of scientists and bioinformaticians, provides high volume data with cutting-edge analyses to a global community of research collaborators and customers across academia, government and industry. Through a flexible approach to using the latest technologies, together with a sound applications knowledge, the unit can manage a diverse range and size of projects, ranging from genotyping using low density arrays, through to high volume whole genome sequencing with the capacity to sequence more than 10,000 genomes per year to a high density (30X).

The unit was also one of the first facilities in the UK to offer sequencing using PacBio Sequel, which is a cutting edge sequencing technology that delivers long sequence reads with high consensus accuracy and uniform coverage – and thus is ideally suited for generating high quality whole genome de novo assemblies. In addition to wet lab expertise, a full bioinformatics service is also available, from data Quality Control to genome assembly, variant identification and interpretation. Commercial access to these facilities and service is available through Roslin Technologies for Animal and Agriculture related applications. Facilities and capability current available include:

Whole genome sequencing, RNA and DNA Sequencing using:

  • Illumina HiSeqX (six machines), HiSeq 4000, HiSeq 2500, and MiSeq systems
  • PacBio Sequel system
  • Sanger sequencing (using ABI 3730)
  • Oxford Nanopore (MinION)

Genotyping using: Illumina (iScan) and Affymetrix (Gene Titan) arrays/chips.

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