The ability to accurately measure and quantify differences over time or between animals is a key requirement for success in the vast majority of research and development projects. Commercial access to a range of high quality phenotyping equipment and facilities is available through Roslin Technologies. Equipment and facilities currently available include:

  • Ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning
  • Bioimaging facility, which incorporates capability for:
    • Brightfield Digital Microscopy
    • Quantitative Widefield Fluorescence
    • Laser Scanning Microscopes
    • Image Analysis Software
    • Multiphoton Microscopy
    • Live cell systems
    • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) and Cytometry

Other facilities also available:

  • Dairy unit with 230 milking cows and followers
  • Large animal facilities (e.g. pigs, sheep and cattle) – accommodation and procedures that meet Home Office Licence standards
  • Feed intake stations for pigs

For large animals (such as pigs) the facilities available offer the means to measure a wide range of traits such as: feed conversion ratio, growth rate, muscularity and skeletal development in different parts of the body, tissue distribution and composition. Roslin Technologies can also offer genome sequencing, genotyping and bioinformatics services that can further add value to the phenotypes being collected, studied and developed. Phenotype development programs can also be undertaken using one or more of:

  • Animal population/s housed at the Roslin facilities
  • Animals from interested parties introduced via biosecure quarantine procedure or maintained in the isolation facilities
  • Animal populations in third party facilities or commercial herds depending on the specific program required

Management of Trials Managing of commercial trials using any the facilities or more generally is also available as a service through Roslin Technologies. Examples of the services available include:

  • Clinical trial management/coordination
  • Sample management service
  • Biobanking service

 If you would like more information or would like to discuss a possible project,
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