Protein Expression Systems & Reagents

Protein Expression Systems & Reagents

We offer protein expression as a service from design of constructs through to delivery of large quantities of high-purity product. Our platforms have the potential to be used for production of therapeutic proteins, vaccine candidates and research reagents

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Eggellent Proteins

Research at the Roslin Institute established the technology to create transgenic chickens that produce large quantities of a target protein in their egg-white.

This platform has been commercialised through Roslin Technologies and Porcine CSF1-Fc, Human CSF1-Fc, Canine CSF1-Fc, Human interferon α 2α and Trastuzumab are all available from Eggcellent Proteins.

PGC Expression System & Reagents

Our vision is to develop an in-vitro expression system via genetic manipulation of chicken primordial germ cells (PGCs). This will provide an intermediate step to identify targets for production of transgenic chickens or to produce smaller quantities of proteins that retain the benefits of chicken-associated post-translational modifications.