Vaccines and Diagnostics

    Vaccine & Diagnostics

Roslin Technologies is developing a pipeline of animal health products incorporating vaccines and diagnostics.

    Escherichia coli is a human pathogen that can cause severe gastrointestinal disease that is potentially fatal.

    An Escherichia coli O157 vaccine comprising three bacterial antigens has been jointly developed at Roslin Institute and Moredun Research Institute. It is intended for use in cattle to reduce bacterial colonisation and shedding in faeces. This will ultimately benefit human health through reduced contamination of food stuffs with enterohemorrhagic E. coli which causes hemorrhagic colitis and hemolytic uraemic syndrome in people.

    Roslin Technologies has taken an exclusive license for this vaccine. As a first step to commercialization, the project aims to confirm efficacy in field conditions on a US feedlot.

Animal African Trypanosomiasis is one of the most significant infectious disease threats to livestock in sub-Saharan Africa. The disease is caused by three parasitic protozoan species, Trypanosoma congolense, T. vivax and T. brucei.

Scientists at the Roslin Institute have developed a qPCR test to detect active Trypanosoma infection in cattle. The test is based on detection of a small RNA deemed to be more sensitive and specific than current tests.

Roslin Technologies is supporting a Roslin Institute project as a development step toward commercialization. The project aims to validate sensitivity and specificity of the test in a large cohort and to understand the dynamics of detection during infection.

Our vision is to ultimately provide a point of care test that does not require PCR.

Photo by Keith Matthews and Eva Vidal