Join us in the science of sustainable protein

Our mission

Our mission is to advance disruptive biotechnologies to improve protein production. 

The world is facing a protein deficit - we are over-exploiting the natural environment and need to find alternative ways to produce proteins. Great progress is being made, but we still need to innovate faster.

At Roslin Tech, we apply new biotechnologies to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system. We want to live in a world where everyone has access to affordable, nutritious, and responsibly produced protein.

Our Capability

Our core capability: cells for cultivated meat. Cultivated meat is real meat grown directly from cells, without the need to raise animals. This meat needs high quality cells.

We have developed unique animal cells that work; our cells can self-renew forever and differentiate into any tissue, including muscle and fat. Our cells are favourable for cultivated meat production since they address consumer concerns, make meat more affordable, and simplify regulatory approvals.


We work in partnerships and collaboration goes to our core. 

We were formed in 2017 as a venture between the University of Edinburgh and two impact-focused investment partners. Find out more about our unique link with the Roslin Institute and our teams who help us weave science and sustainability together. 
Roslin Technologies Limited
Roslin Technologies Limited
Roslin Innovation Centre, Easter Bush Campus
University of Edinburgh, Midlothian
EH25 9RG, United Kingdom
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