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The Science of Sustainable Protein

The experts in animal stem cell & genomic technologies

Roslin Technologies has a primary focus – meeting the protein needs of an expanding human population.

We do this through utilising world-leading technology in animal stem cells for cultured meat, and through cutting-edge genomic breeding techniques. We also deploy our technology into solutions for animal health.

Based in, and with unique access to, one of the world’s leading animal science academic hubs, and with business connections throughout the global veterinary and agricultural sectors, we turn the very best AgTech and CellTech into sustainable solutions for markets around the world.

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Solutions to Global Challenges:

Global population

Increasing World Population

We promote sustainable food supply chains by investing in ground-breaking technologies to improve alternative and traditional protein production.

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Food Security

To further secure food supply chains, we are delivering innovative solutions for improved animal health and offer bespoke breeding programmes to improve biological efficiency.

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Demanding Nutritional Needs

Due to the global rise in demand for animal products for human consumption, we are developing alternative nutritional protein sources for agriculture and aquaculture.

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Climate Change

With the increasing global protein gap, we are developing proprietary tools and resources for Cellular Agriculture for environmentally friendly production of cultivated meat.

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