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Assay development and validation

About Roslin Technologies
Roslin Technologies is an ambitious, cutting‐edge biotech company focused on animal stem cell technologies for cultivated meat. Our mission is to develop disruptive biotechnologies to enable a more sustainable food system.

The world faces an increasing protein gap. Protein demand is increasing due to a growing and increasingly more affluent population while natural resources to produce proteins are scarce. Animal agriculture, in particular, is putting pressure on the environment. Cultivated meat is meat grown from animal cells without raising animals. Cultivated meat promises to improve animal welfare, reduce the environmental footprint of meat production, and improve human health.

At Roslin Tech, our main focus is to develop animal cell technologies for the cultivated meat sector. We develop animal stem cell lines using ground-breaking technologies, including induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and embryonic stem cells (ESC). We provide these cell lines to cultivated meat producers globally who will use these lines to develop and produce cultivated meat. Our approach is unique to this sector both in terms of technology and business model. Our animal cell lines are playing a key role in bringing the reality of cultivated meat closer.

Our team of experts are passionate, curious, inventive and at the forefront of the ground-breaking work being accomplished in this rapidly growing, cultivated meat sector.

About The Role
The role for Senior Scientist / Scientist in Assay Development and Validation is an exciting career opportunity for an ambitious experience scientist with expertise in developing, validatiing and implementing analytical methods used in stem cell characterisation and quality assurance. 

At Roslin Tech, we derive, develop, bank and supply high quality pluripotent animal stem cells (iPSC, ESC) for porcine, ovine and bovine cell cultivation. These stem cells are supplied to the cultivated meat industry worldwide. High-quality cells are the most important ingredient required for scalable production of tissues constituting cultivated meat, including muscle and fat. The characterisation and validation of our stem cell bank quality is thus a key focus area, and underpins our commitment to continued improvement of our cell pipeline, transferring the benefits to our industry partners and clients.

As member of our Quality Control team, you will be working with our cell derivation, cell banking, product development and customer facing teams to optimise the protocols for screening and monitoring the quality and performance of our stem cells so that we can be assured that they will perform to the highest industry standards in the hands of our customers, which include leading cultivated meat producers. This role will require extensive experience in quantitative method design, development and validation supporting stem cell characterisation and quality assurance.

Key responsibilities:
• Design and develop bespoke quantitative biomarker / cell-based assays across a range of species, cell types and technologies (e.g. qPCR/dPCR profiling, fit-for-purpose biomarker discovery/ICC/flow cytometry profiling, scrutinizing differentiation potential etc.)
• Analyse and share critical interpretation of experimental results to include in troubleshooting and next step proposals
• Optimise and validate quantitative assays, establish quality thresholds and guidelines, prepare and review SOPs, and implement and train scientists on new and revised SOPs.
• Investigate alternate analytical technologies advancing stem cell biology know-how and cell pipeline quality

Essential Skills 
• Undergraduate degree (BSc/MSc) and PhD in a Biological Sciences (e.g. cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, biochemisty) or MSc with 4-6 years work experience in a related field
• Demonstrated experience in 
      - mammalian cell culture / stem cell biology
      - cell-based assay development / validation
• Experience in the development of molecular expression/biomarket based assays
• Proven ability to deliver a research project, including design and execution of experiments
• Proven ability to communicate complex information clearly
• Proven ability to work independently and as a team
• Strong analytical capabilities
• Excellent organisational, communication and presentation skills
• Excellent computer skills in the use of Office software

desirable skills
• Experience in biobank / production cell line banking and quality control
• Experience in developing analytical techniques used to characterise different cell lines
• A strong understanding of cell biology and the complexities of stem cell characterisation
• Experience in evaluating molecular and functional characteristics of mammalian cells (e.g., pluripotency state, differentiation potential, differentiation state, differentiation efficiency)
• Industry experience of working to GXP or relevant ISO standards
• Practical experience of, and/or a strong interest in, working in the field of cultivated meat, focusing on cell line development
• Experience in project delivery/report writing and/or commercial R&D projects
• Experience in technology transfer/supervision/training of personnel

Roslin Technologies offers
‣ Competitive and attractive salary and generous company pension plan
‣ A passionate work environment focused on a fast-growing field, using ground-breaking stem cell technologies
‣ Strong emphasis on team performance and personal development 
‣ Private healthcare, life cover and critical illness
‣ Regular company events to foster our culture

further details
This role is for a permanent full-time contract. 

For informal enquiries, please contact Dr Britt Tye

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to Nadine Borthwick-Lane,

Closing date -29 Septmeber 2023 

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Roslin Technologies Limited
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