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Academic Innovation Pipeline

We work closely with industry partners, investors, and academics to provide innovative solutions for the AgTech sector.

Karen Fairlie-Clark
Karen Fairlie-Clarke, PhD
Innovation & Engagement Manager

Academic Engagement

Roslin Technologies works with academics using a variety of models; from direct funding for early pipeline projects to leverage and joint funding ventures for feasibility and development studies.

Dr. Karen Fairlie-Clarke has a background in molecular biology, parasitology and immunology. Her role is to engage with academics to identify and support projects suitable for technology transfer and commercialisation through Roslin Technologies’ development pipeline.

Early Stage Research

Roslin Technologies can support and partner projects by direct investment, including leverage funding via research grant applications.

We currently support projects in the following areas:

– Cell biology, including animal stem cells and gene editing
– Vaccinology
– Diagnostic test development
– Bespoke breeding programmes for enhanced livestock production
– Animal nutrition

As an UK based SME, we are also eligible for UKRI and other funding body submissions.
Sheep farming

We currently have strategic partnerships in conjunction with BBSRC funding to develop a vaccine delivery vehicle for sheep and improve aquaculture production systems.

We are also working on a variety of stem cell projects with academic partners.


Roslin Technologies is located at the heart of the Easter Bush Research Campus and we have collaborations with partners globally.

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Karen Fairlie-Clark
Karen Fairlie-Clarke, PhD
Innovation & Engagement Manager

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