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Animal iPS Cell Lines

Animal cells
Roslin Technologies are experts in animal cell culture and offer a broad portfolio of services around animal cell technology.

Our inducible pluripotent stem (iPS) cells platform focuses on developing cell lines for cultivated meat technologies, animal cell therapies, gene editing studies, and pharmacological screening and toxicology assays.

These validated iPS cell lines can be differentiated into a range of animal cell types providing broad application.

We offer access to and processing of many animal cell types for clients’ in vitro research activities, as well as working with collaborators and commercial partners to develop in vitro bioassays and therapies.

Full pipeline image of all iPS cell lines offered currently
Full pipeline image of all iPS cell lines offered currently

Genome Editing

Genome editing technology is embedded in several of Roslin Technologies’ platforms, however is still in the early stages of internal R&D.

Our various iPS cell lines have the potential to be used in commercial projects for screening genome editing targets.

Through the expertise of our scientists and in partnership with the Roslin Institute and R(D)SVS we have experience in editing:

– Canine cell lines to produce in vitro disease models and develop cell therapies.

– Pig cell lines for industry targets including in the Cultivated Meat sector.

– Aquaculture species through supporting academic research on diseases that challenge the aquaculture industry.

Gene Editing