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Companion Animal Therapies

One of our missions at Roslin Tech is to improve animal welfare.

Therapy development for companion animals is a high growth area; veterinary care and product sales grew to $31.4 billion in 2020 for the US market, a significant jump on previous figures, driven by higher discretionary spending on veterinary treatments and an ageing pet population.

As the companion animal population ages, familiar diseases such as diabetes and osteoarthritis are becoming more common. Novel, innovative treatments are needed to help keep our pets happy and healthy in their old age. This is where Roslin Tech can help.

We are world-leading experts on induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell development with lines currently available or in development for a wide range of animals. These stem cells can be turned into any type of cell found in the body, allowing them to be applied to tackle a range of illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, or diabetes.

We are pioneers in animal iPS cell technology – the cell lines we have created will benefit the health and welfare of companion animals across the globe.

Animal Therapies Cell Lines Pipeline

Interested in our iPS cell lines?

We are actively looking for new partners with whom to collaborate on stem cell projects for which we have cells available currently.

If you think your project might benefit from our cells, speak to our Commercial Manager, Dr Richard Freeman, for more information on how to partner with us.

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