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Proud to announce Roslin Technologies’ first laboratory-based paid internship

Jun 22, 2021 | New Position, Roslin Technologies

The Animal Cells team here at Roslin Technologies is expanding, thanks to our first laboratory-based paid internship. Sarah Ho has joined us for a three-month period as a Stem Cell Science Technician, working with our laboratory team based at the Roslin Innovation Centre.

Sarah, originally from Hong Kong, has a background in Biomedical Science and a close connection to the University of Edinburgh, having studied both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees there. After studying a Masters by Research in Infection and Immunity, coincidently based at the Roslin Institute next door to Roslin Tech, Sarah knew she wanted to stay in the lab. 

The offer of a paid internship gave Sarah the chance to dive back into laboratory protocols, gaining vital hands-on experience in how to culture induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and work with the different lines and species that we have. While the cell lines themselves are a new area of research to Sarah, the laboratory basics are still the same, allowing her to develop new skills in working with iPS cell lines and hone other fundamental skills. 

A passion for stem cell research 

As part of her internship with Roslin Tech, Sarah is starting at the very core of our business – iPS cell lines. During her time with us, Sarah will be starting with the fundamentals on how to cultivate our cell lines; from splitting them, to freezing and defrosting, through to ensuring their growth afterwards.

Sarah’s internship gives her the opportunity to work in an area of research that is her passion – stem cell research. Our unique method of producing iPS cell lines for a range of animal species is of great interest to her – “iPS cells are the future of medicine in humans”, and with their application for companion animal therapies, potentially the future for animal treatments too.

Long-standing interest

Sarah’s interest in Roslin Tech’s work extends deeper than just the ability to work in a lab; she originally wanted to become a vet and has also been vegetarian for over a decade. This duality neatly encompasses the potential uses of our iPS cell lines – using our cell lines in animal therapies offers a new way for Sarah to treat animals for a range of ailments, whilst their potential use in cultivated meat production addresses sustainability issues for the traditional livestock industry. 

“Experience is everything” – and with the hands-on experience that she will gain in our commercial research lab, we are excited to follow Sarah on her three-month journey with us and see what the next stages hold!