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Roslin Technologies on the BBC

Tune in to catch a full feature focused on our world leading iPS cells.
Made in Scotland Awards

Made in Scotland Awards winners

Roslin Technologies wins Innovator of the Year award, May 2022.

State of the Industry Report: 2021 (Cultivated Meat)

Featured in The Good Food Institute's State of the Industry report for 2021, released April 2022.
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Roslin Tech Widens Portfolio With Foray Into Eco-Friendly Dog Food

Good Dog Food, our new joint venture with Agronomics, has launched. It will produce and sell high-quality, eco-friendly dog food.

Brave New Meat: The Tech Revolution in Cultivated Protein

Listen to our CEO, Ernst van Orsouw, on the Brave New Meat podcast, February 2022.

Roslin Technologies Makes FoodTech 500 2021 List

Featured in the FoodTech 500 2021 list for the second year in a row, February 2022.

Roslin Tech Selected to Pitch at Good Food Conference 2021

Roslin Tech was delighted to be one of 12 companies pitching at the Good Food Conference 2021.

Alternative Protein Sources: Cultivated Meat

Cultivated meat is often placed in a markedly separate box to insect protein. Combine these two alternative protein sources with plant-based production, and these make up the three main methods aiming to take a bite out of the traditional protein market.

Roslin Technologies Names Ernst van Orsouw as CEO in commercialisation drive

We are pleased to welcome our new CEO, Ernst van Orsouw, as we accelerate the commercialisation of our cutting-edge technology solutions.

Welcoming a New Face to the Roslin Technologies Board

We are delighted to welcome Professor Bruce Whitelaw to the Roslin Technologies Board of Directors.

The Bridge Between Cellular Agriculture and Animal Therapies

The Cellular Agriculture and Animal Therapies industries operate in two very disparate spheres. How can these sectors be brought together?

Cellular Agriculture: How Does Cell Culturing Work?

Understanding what cell culturing in is vital for the cellular agriculture industry. From cell isolation to the media used, learn more now.

Cellular Agriculture: Costs

Why are costs so high for the cultivated meat industry? What adds to the expense of sector, and how can they be minimised?

Cellular Agriculture: Environmental Impacts

For the cultivated meat industry, the environmental impact of production and how to minimise it is an important issue.

Roslin Technologies Makes FoodTech 500 2020 List

We're delighted to have made it onto the prestigious FoodTech 500 list of companies.

CSO Jacqui Matthews on the Potential of Cellular Agriculture

CSO Jacqui Matthews delivered a strong statement of support to those exploring the potential of cellular agriculture as a way of overcoming global food shortages in years to come.

Roslin Tech’s Commitment to Cultivated Meat

There are key challenges in the sourcing of commercially viable cell lines - and our iPS cells offer strong foundations for your consumer products.

Likarda renews partnership with Roslin Tech on canine stem cells

Roslin Tech and Likarda have extended our commercial partnership for canine iPS cell lines.

Roslin Technologies Establishes Animal Cells Laboratory

Roslin Technologies is well on its way to delivering cutting-edge animal cells technology to market with the establishment of a scientific team.
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