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Cultivated Meat

As the world population grows, and the average person continues to eat more meat, traditional methods of protein production will struggle to meet global demand. This opens up the market for other ways to produce protein, ones that reduce the environmental impact, whilst still providing a product that consumers will recognise as meat. Cellular agriculture is one of these methods, using cells isolated from an animal and grown in a fermenter to generate a product similar to meat, but without the sacrifice of an animal.

One of the issues facing this growing sector is a lack of commercial quality immortal cell lines for production of cultured meat products. Whilst primary and mesenchymal stem cells have been the standard for use in the industry, both of these cell types will eventually senesce, meaning that further samples have to be taken from animals. This causes product quality issues as the cell lines start to degrade with age, as well as meaning that animals still have to be part of the production process. Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells sidestep these issues by providing an immortal cell line that can be differentiated into all the tissues needed to make a cultured meat product.

We are world leading experts on iPS cell development with lines currently available or in development for a range of targets. We are actively looking for new partners with whom to collaborate on cultured meat stem cell projects, and have porcine lines available for licensing now.

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