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Diving Into The Big Topics In Animal Health

Jun 18, 2021 | Animal Health

The Roslin Technologies team had a successful two days at Animal Health Innovation USA, the “must attend networking event for innovators with new solutions to support the detection, prevention or treatment of diseases in animals”. We attended many in-depth discussions and roundtable networking sessions which gave us the opportunity to meet with many companies who share our wide scope of interest within the animal health industry.

New therapies under consideration

The types of new therapies under consideration by the industry is broad. From immunotherapies, to nutraceuticals, to stem cell therapies, no avenue is being left unexplored in the quest for novel therapeutics for animals. 

Immunotherapies are treatments that work by modifying the action of the immune system, whether that is by suppressing or activating it. In particular, they have promise as treatments for diseases such as cancer. For companion animals such as dogs, cancerous tumours can occur naturally and spontaneously, requiring treatment rather than prevention. There are a number of CAR-T immunotherapies currently under development for several cancer types in canines. 

Nutraceuticals are products which give both nutrition and medicinal benefits. They can be used for both prevention and treatment of a range of diseases, such as cancer or arthritis. Traditionally, they are nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, and can often be incorporated into an animal’s diet. 

Stem cell therapies are a novel method of treatment for many diseases including osteoarthritis and bone or spinal cord injuries. As stem cells can be differentiated into any cell in the body, they have the potential to be used in many locations where there is damage or loss of function. 

At Roslin Tech, we focus on stem cell therapies. Our novel method of producing induced pluripotent stem cell lines from a range of species places us in a unique position as a cell line supplier to a burgeoning industry. Our cell lines have proven differentiation into cell types such as bone, muscle, and fat, allowing pain to be relieved and new tissue to grow in place of damaged areas. Find out more about the lines we offer on our dedicated page

Future of therapies?

One big question still to be answered surrounds regulation. For novel therapies in animal health, as in the other areas of research that Roslin Tech work in, regulations are still a work in progress, and it can be a challenge to identify where they will land or their exact final form. As a company, we work closely with our commercial partners for our stem cell lines to maximise the potential of their usage. We are looking forward to the way the industry and its connected regulatory landscape develop.