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Roslin Tech team meet key cultivated meat stakeholders at Future Food-Tech conference

Mar 16, 2021 | Animal Cells, Conferences and Forums, Roslin Technologies

Roslin Tech’s Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Jacqui Matthews, and Commercial Manager, Dr Richard Freeman, spent the end of last week meeting some of the most influential people in the cultivated meat sector. Our team ended up contributing to a key editorial on the topic in one of the industry’s leading publications, as part of their attendance at the virtual Future Food-Tech Conference – and came away with great food for thought.

The first day had sessions covering the cultivated meat sector, with various roundtables and talks from industry leaders. There was a clear interest from larger companies in the sector as a whole, reflective of the increased industry investment. Getting larger companies to take interest in the sector is vital and will be the next step in industry progression.

Day Two gave us a ‘world first’ as SuperMeatTM gave a tour of their cultivated meat farm to fork facility, with a live tasting in the restaurant. It was a great demonstration of how far cultivated meat has come, as large windows allowed a peek into the fermenter area, across from the restaurant kitchen where the cultivated chicken was cooked and served to waiting customers.

It also highlighted the potential for future ‘mass’ use; cellular agriculture is an exponential process, with some cells having as little as a 12-hour growth cycle, radically shorter than the roughly 18-week growth cycle of a traditional chicken for human consumption. The cultivated chicken produced by SuperMeatTM was assessed for nutritional value, and sat between thigh and breast meat, remarkably similar to traditional chicken meat.

Getting people interested in trying cultivated meat is half the challenge. The other half is bringing the production costs down to a manageable level. With restaurants from SuperMeat TM and Eat JustTM, the future is bright for further investment in cultivated meat that is accessible to the consumer.

For further reading, find Richard’s comments in Crunchbase News. He spoke with Christine Hall and highlighted how, while there is more attention being paid to the cultivated meat sector, there is still a gap in cost and the ability to scale up production. Our work at Roslin Tech aims to help the sector create a range of products using our novel iPS cell lines, which have proven differentiation ability, longevity, and stability – key attributes to creating fantastic food at a scale to enable commercial production.

Overall, the conference showed the potential of the industry and the huge strides that have already been made. Roslin Tech spoke with a wide range of attendees from the industry over the two days. If we didn’t manage to catch you at the event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the various routes on our website or sales@roslintech.com.