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Portfolio Companies and Business Units

Roslin Technologies’ value is created from the successful commercialisation of technologies, starting from small scale seeding projects through to the creation or acquisition of large scale connected and complimentary Business Units or Portfolio Companies. The goal of Roslin Technologies is to build high value in these Ag-Tech Ventures that together deliver attractive returns but also may represent spin off opportunities in future. Below are the entities we have built since our inception in 2016.

Leo Wein
Leo Wein, CEO

Leo Wein has degrees in both Science and Business from Amsterdam University College and the Free University of Amsterdam. He has a background in product development and software engineering.  Leo brings a passionate entrepreneurial approach to all his ventures and is the Founder and CEO of Protenga.

Protenga develops intensive insect farming systems for sustainable protein production. The company produces safe high quality protein, cost-effective animal nutrition products and organic fertilizer by using a novel, scalable insect-based bioconversion process to recapture nutrients from organic side-streams and by-products. This responsible and innovative approach focuses on driving much-needed change in the global food supply chain.

Protenga harnesses the natural power of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) to extract nutrients and decompose organic side-streams in science-based, engineered systems. The company produces and distributes insect-based nutrition for aquaculture, premium livestock, pet food and plants. Core products include: Hermet Protein; Hermet Oil; ReFood Fertilizer.

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Black solder fly
Simon Wheeler

Simon Wheeler is a European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology and a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. He has a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry covering technical, commercial and innovation roles.

Vetsina is an animal diagnostic company that harnesses breakthrough diagnostic technologies that detect microRNAs (miRNA) which are species specific biomarkers for toxicology and health issues.

The revolutionary chemical-based system allows detection of nucleic acid sequences & single nucleotide polymorphism to directly detect small miRNA’s in a rapid, accurate & cost effective PCR-free detection system without the multiple steps required by current methods.

Vetsina develops, and offers, the veterinary and animal health industries, innovative nucleic acid testing and molecular assay
solutions, with particular emphasis on miRNA detection and quantification.

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