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Roslin Technologies makes FoodTech 500 list

Feb 17, 2021 | Roslin Technologies

We’re delighted at Roslin Technologies, as the UK’s leading cutting-edge AgTech business, to have made it onto the prestigious FoodTech 500 list of companies.

The list, which is modelled on the Fortune 500, aims to showcase entrepreneurial businesses operating at the intersection of food, technology and sustainability. On all of these key criteria Roslin Tech is a standout operator – our business is centred around innovative ways to make food production more efficient, our technology is second-to-none and we work with some of the most advanced AgTech scientists in the world, both in-house and at our academic partner institutions, and importantly, we believe that a sustainable food chain is a must when the population is set to expand rapidly in coming years.

We are eager to work on common endeavours with other companies who hold the same values as ourselves, and we applaud those who have put together this list as a way to promote sustainable, forward-thinking businesses and initiatives in the AgTech space.