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Roslin Tech is an ambitious, cutting‐edge biotech company focused on food and agriculture. Our mission to advance disruptive biotechnologies to improve how we produce proteins. We envision a world where everyone has access to affordable, nutritious, and responsibly produced protein.

The shift towards cultivated meat is accelerating, and it all starts with the cells. Our work as a cell line provider, using ground-breaking technology, is unique in the industry. Our Animal Cells play a key role in bringing the future of cultivated meat closer to reality.

Our offices and labs are based at the Roslin Innovation Centre in Edinburgh. To complement our own internal capabilities, we have privileged access to experts and intellectual property from the world-famous Roslin Institute, which is co-located on the Easter Bush Campus. Together with our partners, we commercialise our cells and make protein production more sustainable.

To make cultivated meat, cells need to grow in culture at scale. This is a new and innovative area where we strive to be global leaders.

Open application
At Roslin Tech, we are continually looking to expand our Animal Cells unit with talented and motivated people. We may not have open positions listed that specifically fit your interest currently, but we may well do sooner than you think!

We are always on the lookout for scientists and bioengineers to join our ground-breaking Animal Cells unit, to move us closer to our vision for an alternative protein future.

If you’re interested in the work we do, we don’t want to miss out on amazing talent. Send in your CV and a short note about why you’re interested in working with our Animal Cells team and what you could bring to Roslin Tech to

Note: If you apply through an open application and your profile is relevant to an open position (either now or for a future job opening), we will be in touch.

What we usually look for:
For scientists:

Skill / Level
‣ PhD in a relevant discipline / Essential
 Extensive tissue culture experience and excellent aseptic technique / Essential
 Experience of CRISPR genome editing techniques / Essential
‣ Ability to develop and test protocols / Essential
‣ Ability to deliver a research project, including design and execution of experiments / Essential

‣ Experience in primary culture of animal tissue to derive new cell lines / Desirable
‣ Experience of different reprogramming strategies and delivery techniques / Desirable
‣ Experience of reprogramming cells from non-rodent species and in iPSC culture / Desirable
‣ Experience in molecular biology and protein expression / Desirable
‣ Interest/ Experience in bioinformatics / Desirable
‣ Experience in project delivery/report writing and/or commercial R&D projects / Desirable
‣ Experience in supervision/training of personnel / Desirable

For bioengineers:

Skill Level
‣ PhD in bioengineering or related discipline / Essential
‣ Experience of mammalian cell scale up systems / Essential
‣ Experience of operating various bioreactors / Essential
‣ Ability to develop and test protocols / Essential
‣ Ability to deliver a research project, including design and execution of experiments / Essential

‣ Industry experience or working to GMP standards / Desirable
‣ Practical experience of working in the area of cultivated meat, ideally focusing on the scale up aspect / Desirable
‣ Experience in project delivery/report writing and/or commercial R&D projects / Desirable
‣ Experience in supervision/training of personnel / Desirable

WHAT Roslin Technologies can offer
‣ A work environment focused on a fast-growing field, using Nobel-prize winning technologies
‣ Strong emphasis on team performance, scientific rigour, and personal development
‣ Competitive salary
‣ Generous company pension plan
‣ Regular company events to foster our culture
Roslin Technologies Limited
Roslin Technologies Limited
Roslin Innovation Centre, Easter Bush Campus
University of Edinburgh, Midlothian
EH25 9RG, United Kingdom
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