We work in partnerships

To complement our own inventions and dedicated scientific team, we regularly look for other opportunities to strength our platforms and internal capabilities. We work with universities and other organisations looking to further research into induced pluripotent stem cells and the cultivated meat space.

Our relationship with the Roslin Institute

We have a close relationship with the University of Edinburgh. We have preferential access to intellectual property from the world-famous Roslin Institute, located in Edinburgh, Europe’s largest animal science hub. Roslin Institute is a world leader in animal science and genetic. Roslin Institute’s mission is to gain fundamental understanding of genetic, cellular, organ and systems underpinning animal development and pathology and to use this knowledge to prevent/treat disease and develop sustainable farm animal production systems We collaborate directly with principal investigators at the University and Roslin Institute  to advance our programs.

Besides our collaboration within the Edinburgh-environment, we also work closely with other academic and commercial organisations to advance our offering and our mission.