It starts with cells

Cultivated meat is real meat grown directly from cells, without the need to raise animals. 

The cultivated meat industry is enjoying rapid growth and has tremendous potential to change the food system. To be attractive to consumers, cultivated meat need to be safe, affordable, and nutritious. The industry is not there yet, and better starter cells are essential to achieving that.

Cells impact all stages of the production process. The ideal cells self-renew forever, grow fast and efficient, and lay the foundation for a great consumer experience.

Our core capability

At Roslin Tech, we have been working since 2018 to develop better cells. We are using a unique technology to take cells from an animal and reprogramme them become pluripotent stem cells.

Our cells can self-renew forever and differentiate into any tissue, such as muscle and fat. Additionally, we don’t need animal products to grow the cells, with no foetal bovine serum (FBS) used in our media. These qualities make them unique for cultivated meat.

Our cell lines are available to cultivated meat producers. By offering them to the industry, producers get access to better cell lines, cultivated meat can become viable faster, and we can continue to invest in better cells for the industry.

Our cells are ideal for cultivated meat production because they address consumer concerns, reduce production cost and simplify regulatory approval. Our cells:

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