At Roslin Tech, we have a diverse team that is united by our passion to contribute to a more sustainable food system.


Ernst van Orsouw, 
Chief Executive Officer

Passionate to apply science
to support a better food system

John Clinkenbeard, 
Chief Operations Officer

Passionate about business and operational 
scaling & growth

Dr Joe Mee, 
VP Cell Innovation

Pioneer in stem cells who
blends science with creativity

George Roy, 
Chief Financial Officer

Our financial conscience for
a sustainable business

Tom Phillips, 
Chief Commercial Officer

Driven by a passion for sustainable 
and ethical food

Dr Britt Tye
Head of Quality

Stem cell scientist with a focus
 on process and controls

Dr Sheena Fraser
VP Product Development

Biotech innovation and 
product development.
Roslin Technologies Limited
Roslin Technologies Limited
Roslin Innovation Centre, Easter Bush Campus
University of Edinburgh, Midlothian
EH25 9RG, United Kingdom
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