The science of sustainable protein

We aim to develop new ways to produce animal protein that are more sustainable. Our core capability to make a difference is through our novel animal cell platform that allows us to produce induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines for various species.

From humans to animals

Our stem cell platform was established in 2018 with Dr Joe Mee, a pioneer in stem cells, spearheading the work. We first used our expertise to investigate the effects of genome editing on specific cellular targets. We soon realised that the potential application of animal cell lines for cultivated meat would be a unique approach to accelerate the development of the sector.

While iPS cell lines are not a new concept for human research, very little had been done in animal research, especially for larger livestock species. We have developed the techniques to make high quality animal iPS cells.

Unique offering for cultivated meat

Roslin Tech’s iPS cell lines are unique for cultivated meat. They offer the potential to help grow sustainable, slaughter-free, environmentally-friendly, nutritious meat.

Our cells self-renew continuously so there is no need for repeat sampling from animals. We have produced serum-free growth media, to ensure that the production process does not involve the use of materials that are derived directly from animals. Our cells improve animal welfare and enable a more consistent and predictable meat production process, which is beneficial for quality control and regulatory approvals.

Lines in development

Once our iPS cell lines are generated, the expertise of our team enables them to confirm differentiation into cells of interest (such as fat and muscle). We also ensure the cell lines’ longevity and durability to withstand multiple passages. These are key attributes for use in cultivated meat production processes.

Our porcine lines are currently  available for use for development and commercialisation by cultivated meat producers. We are working on other species as well.

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